Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just when I thought...

I couldn't be any more freaked out about this stupid liver thing, my cardiologist throws a wrench in the works. The ultrasound of my liver is scheduled for 1:30 tomorrow afternoon. My cardiologist's office made the appointment for me. For some reason today, however, my cardiologist called both me and my husband (left messages for both of us) wanting to know why he hadn't received the test results yet. All I could DO is call his office and say, "the doctor hasn't gotten the results because I haven't had the test." All I could THINK is, "why does he have his panties in such a wad? If this test was such a big deal, why didn't the schedule it RIGHT AWAY?! Maybe it is a BIG DEAL and they were SUPPOSED to schedule it right away!"

I guess the good news is, come what may, I should know something...soon.

The better news is....I made some super lean turkey chili for dinner tonight, so, in spite of my ass wanting to console my fears about my liver with a trip to McDonalds for a SUPER-SIZE McRib value meal and a hot caramel sundae, I'm golden. I love turkey chili!

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