Friday, July 5, 2013

I've been eating...

the most ridiculously delicious and completely FATTY bbq for roughly 24 hours straight. That's how we're supposed to celebrate our Nation's Independence Day, isn't it?

I feel like death warmed over. I can feel the meat fat oozing out of my pores and am quite certain that I can see my fat cells expanding just by looking at my belly. All I want to do is take a nap and hope that this brisket hangover goes away soon.

I tried swim my laps this morning and didn't have the energy to swim for more than a few minutes. Walking from the recliner to the bathroom and back again is about all I have in me right now.

They say you are what you eat.

It's true.

I have turned into a large slab of sliced, moist (that's the kind with EXTRA fat!!) brisket.

Thankfully, the last little lean bit of me (I think it might be a hangnail or something) has decided to fight back.

That little lean bit of me just called a local (where I live that means it's only a 50 mile drive) vegan restaurant that offers a three day, fresh-pressed, raw juice cleanse.

I'm waiting on my dear husband to get home from work so he can chauffeur me (brisket shouldn't drive) down there to pick up my bottles of juice.

I'll start the cleanse first thing tomorrow morning.

I've got to wash all that smoky, fatty, delicious, bbq out of my system.

If you see me with anything besides a bottle of Innerg juice or a big glass of water anytime between tomorrow morning and Monday night, kick me in my squashy brisket ass!!

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