Monday, May 10, 2010


After countless visits to my G.P., two different orthopedic surgeons, and even a middle of the night trip to the emergency room, I have finally found a doctor that's given me a plan of action for my bum knee that MAKES SENSE!! I am sooo happy!

Here's what we did today:

*More x-rays...These determined that the tibial plateau stress fracture (Don't I sound smart? It's amazing what you can learn without ever bothering to go to medical school!) has healed completely. This means that the pain I'm still feeling and the symptoms I'm my knee refusing to work at random times...are being caused entirely by the meniscus tear.
*A real live actual THIS to doctor #2 who NEVER touched me during TWO office visits!
*Another giant needle full of cortisone and a second injection of some sort of white goopy stuff that I've never seen before. I meant to ask what it was and forgot. For all I know, it could have been octopus semen or something...maybe it's better I don't know.

And this is the plan:

*He's sending me to physical therapy...twice a week for the next six weeks.
*On days off from physical therapy, he wants me to ride a bike or swim. I'm poolless (not a word but should be) at the moment, so the bike it is.
*If my current level of pain gets worse or doesn't get better, I should come back to see him right away because then I'll need surgery after all.

HOWEVER, he's expecting things to improve rapidly and, unlike doctor #1 (who was 95% certain I needed surgery,) doesn't think I'll need to go under the knife! Yippee!

I'm looking forward to starting physical therapy on Monday...and wishing I had a pool.

Ass, what do you say you and I go check out the temporary memberships at the YMCA tomorrow so we can swim laps through the little kid tinkle?

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