Monday, May 3, 2010

Time for everyone...

to check in!! I know more of my friends and family are reading this than the nine faithful followers that betrayed their secret identities by posting pictures here. I could use some support right now. It was an emotionally exhausting weekend. My youngest son broke his wrist at his baseball game on Friday night. He walked off the field carrying a forearm that looked like a cheap, bent fork. Horrible image. Worse to see.

I RAN on my messed up knee into the dugout to see the damage up close....breaking the cardinal, "Don't come over unless I'm bleeding from my head" rule. According to some of his friends, I was more than a little freaked out...pacing and possibly cursing a bit. Shocking! Fortunately, neither my son nor I have much memory of all this.

We spent the evening in the emergency room again. You know your life is a wee bit screwy when the ER doctor (and nurses) RECOGNIZE you.

Add the broken arm to the fact that I've had to ground my older son for making "less than acceptable" grades. In spite of being told he was grounded...and that he would be UNgrounded as soon as he'd brought his GPA back into the range of those of us who walk upright, he's decided to amuse himself by asking me, countless times a day, if he can go do this or that.

So, why do I want everyone to check in? Ego, would be nice to know who (if anybody) is reading my nonsensical musings. Mostly, however, because I've discovered that:


The more stress I'm under, the more I tend to eat...and the more I tend to tell myself total crap like, "it really won't matter if you have chicken fried steak instead of grilled chicken for's just ONE meal."....or...."A few M&Ms won't kill me."....or...."Can we go out for ice cream?"....or...."I better finish this pasta so it doesn't go to waste."....and so on.

Because of the stress = overeating epiphany, I'm hoping that y'all will have some better advice and words of encouragement. Don't give me the same old....take a bath...get a a your dog nonsense we all read in Women's Day and whatnot. Give me something how to keep my kids out of the ER and making straight As in school without screaming at them. If nothing else, give me a virtual pat on the back or a hug...I could use some right about now.

And, as spite of the THREE POUNDS I gained back over the weekend...don't get too cushy back there, ass, I'm still coming for YOU!

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  1. Just take it one meal at a time. Have you tried a hobby/activity to help you when you're stressed to get your mind off of it. Lately I have been telling myself when I get stressed to calm down, because time will go by and life will continue if things don't happen the way that I want them to happen.