Saturday, January 22, 2011

I only...

ate THREE tortilla chips last night at dinner! Well, three chips and a fajita salad with no cheese, no tortilla "strips", no olives (never understood why a chef would think olives belonged anywhere near Mexican food), and no dressing!

I. Am. Proud.

I know it seems like a small accomplishment, but considering how far off track I've been for the past few months, it wasn't. I wanted those chips so bad I thought I was going to die. But, you know what? I'm still here and feel sooooooo much better about myself for my accomplishment.

Starting Monday, I'm going to be working out with my trainer, Danielle, five times a week. I'm not sure exactly what she's planning for the extra two days, but I am sure it will be PAINFUL and burn massive calories. My birthday is looming. I've got to kick this stuff into high gear!

Hear that, ass? You're getting ready to get kicked....hard.

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