Thursday, February 25, 2010

Getting EXCITED...

AND completely terrified!! Today is officially the last THURSDAY I'll be spending at home until APRIL of 2010. When I say it that way, it sounds a lot scarier than it really in the interest of being a total drama queen, that's how I've been saying it...over and over and anyone who will listen...ALL DAY LONG!

The Sears Repair man came this morning and fixed my washing machine. Fixing it involved taking out three screws, removing a panel, draining some water, and then removing an enormous creature like hunk composed primarily of dog hair and coins. Thank God for extended warranties! It would have been a $140 repair if we hadn't been covered. Now I can start washing my clothes so I can get to packing! More lessons for the boys about sorting and removing coins and such on Saturday...prayers of thanks for the extended warranty from now until I get home again.

More things to think about:

To pack for a four week trip (where I have access to a washer and dryer) what is a reasonable amount of clothing to bring? I'm not a fashion diva by any stretch of the imagination, but I do like to be clean and I do hate to do laundry. We're going to be working out..A LOT. I would have to assume I'll be taking more than one shower a day...which means changing clothes more than once a day. Real Life Fitness and Health (the Fat Camp!) is also in Northern Utah. It's COLD there! I'm from the South. I didn't see snow on the ground until I was in my 20's. I'll need lots of layers. Things that make me go, "hmmmmmmm."

Off to lunch with my hubby...then laundry...then my younger son's baseball game..the last one :( I'll get to see before I get back...then dinner...then more laundry...then sleep...then probably some more laundry...

Sense a theme?

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