Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Change of plans...

The germs won...for now, at least. As we discussed previously, they conspired with the fat cells in my ass, waged an all out war and the little shits won. In spite of two trips to the doctor (as of yesterday THREE)...three different kinds of antibiotics, a steroid dose pack, an inhaler, copious amounts of Sudafed and Mucinex, enough Vitamin C to take out an orange grove, and, so far, SIX boxes of tissues, THE GERMS WON!!

BUT as the historians like to say...they won the battle...NOT THE WAR!

I had to reschedule my trip to fat camp out in Utah. I was supposed to leave on the 7th. I'm going to leave on the 28th (my Mommy's b-day) instead. Is this perfect timing for me? No. It means I'm going to be gone for my kids' Spring Break. I'm going to be gone for my b-day...although I'm not sure those really matter any more. I'm going to miss more of my younger son's baseball games than I would care to miss.

None of that's the end of the world, though. I have almost three weeks between now and then to get over this crud so I can hit the gym running (or at least walking at a decent clip) when I get to Utah. If I get better sooner, it would probably be in my best interest to go to my gym here once or twice before I go too!

In the meantime, I wonder if the germs know that they've made me so sick that I haven't been hungry...therefore haven't eaten any more than I've absolutely had to so I can take my medicine...and because of that have lost 6 pounds in the past 7 days. Shhhhhhhhhh! Don't tell them! ;)

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