Friday, March 19, 2010

I wish I could...

eat like my parrot!! I have a yellow-naped Amazon parrot. Her name is Dagny. If any of you have ever read any Ayn Rand, you'll probably grab the reference...if not, tsk, tsk...and get yourself to the library pronto!

Anyhow, I'm sitting here watching Dagny eat her birdy kibbles. It's a fascinating process. The kibbles come in a rainbow of colors, shapes, and sizes. She very carefully sorts through the bowl to pick out the exact one that she wants (well, maybe not that carefully...sometimes she tosses some of the rejects to the dogs)...some days it will be the red ones, others the orange or green, today she seems mostly interested in the purple ones. She invariably avoids the plain, beige ones. Those are always left in the bowl or thrown to the dogs. I have to wonder if she knows that "eating the rainbow" is healthier for her and that plain beige food tends to be made out of a bunch of crap.

After she's selected her piece of kibble, she doesn't sit with her face in her bowl to eat it....she holds in in her beak and climbs all the way up to a perch at the very highest point in her cage. If I have the door open for her, she'll come out of the cage and either climb to the very top or over onto the top of her play stand. This process would be similar to me getting a piece of fruit out of the refrigerator and then grabbing a ladder out of the garage so that I could climb up and eat the fruit sitting on the roof of my house. Dagny repeats this process for every single piece of food that she eats. I wonder if I did the garage/ladder/roof thing how fast I'd lose weight?

Of course, bird kibbles aren't the only thing Dagny gets to eat. She gets oatmeal and fresh fruits and vegetables and hard boiled eggs and sometimes a little piece of cooked meat. I'm embarrassed to say that one of her favorite treats is a piece of pizza crust though. If we order pizza and don't share, the plantive parrot wails of "delicious??!!!" can be heard down the street. I guess even birds aren't immune from the addictive qualities of pizza.

All in all, it seems I've been feeding my parrot better than I've been feeding myself for the past few years. I guess it's time to start following her example and begin throwing the "beige kibbles" on the floor for the dogs (so to speak)....and maybe find that ladder.

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